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Boston, MA


Professional pet services company offering dog walking, pet sitting, dog training, puppy training, & puppygrams in the Boston MA area


Frequently Asked Questions

About Puppygrams:

What is a puppygram?

  • A puppygram is a visit from a puppy! One of our professional handlers will bring a dog to visit with the person you love (or yourself!) at their office, classroom or dorm to make their day.

Do they get to keep the puppy?

  • Nope! All of our dogs are personally owned pets who are just trying to make a difference in the world. Their Moms and Dads would be heartbroken if they never came home!

Does the "Handler" stay during the puppygram visit?

  • Absolutely!!! Our dogs are valuable members of someone's family and our handlers will stick by their sides for the entire visit. This is to ensure that the dogs feel happy and relaxed 100% of the time and also so that if a dog is ever frightened or worried we can quickly step in to calm the situation. Don't worry, we won't intrude on your puppy time. We're proud of our ability to blend in with your office plant or to put nervous people at ease.  Think of the handler as your buddy, there to make sure you get the most fun and love possible and to ensure that our puppies have wonderful experiences too. 

What do you do on a puppygram?

  • Our puppies love to play and cuddle! Would you like to throw a ball, take them (and their handler) for a walk around the block, or just get in some good quality cuddle time? Our puppies are up for any of the above.

How old are the puppies?

  • We believe that any sweet, people loving, up for adventure dog is an everlasting "puppy"; which means that our dogs are a wide variety of breeds, sizes, and ages! We have actual baby dogs and we have adult dogs that would like to come and visit as well. The best choice of dog really depends on what kind of activities you'd like to do on your puppygram. Consult with us to make sure you get a dog that's up for playing fetch if that's what you're hoping for or that you get the cuddle bug you need on a rough day.

Do I get to pick the puppy?

  • We hope so! We do our very best to match the best possible dog for each and every visit but please keep in mind that these are little living things! Sometimes they're tired and need a break and sometimes their Moms and Dads would like to keep them at home for themselves! As we schedule your puppygram you will get a phone call from a consultant, they can help ensure that the best possible dog is matched for your visit so please trust their advice.

How long does it take to arrange for a puppygram?

  • It usually takes us a minimum of 24 hours to arrange for a puppygram to visit. We've done it in less time so you can always ask for a miracle!

Can people share a puppygram?

  • Our puppies are expecting to go to one location for each reservation, if you can gather all of your buddies in one place than we'd love to! Puppygrams are great additions for office birthday parties, a sorority event, or for a meetup group in the park.

About our Pet Services:

Where in Boston would my dog be going?

  • As of right now there is no Puppy-gram-mobile so our paws are tied and we walk everywhere or take the T. all of our puppies need to be picked up and returned to a T accessible area and all of the people they visit will also be T accessible

Are puppygram walks pack walks or individual walks?

  • A puppygram shift means your dog is 1 on 1 with a professional handler for 3 hours. During those three hours they will visit the park and go on puppygram visits all over downtown Boston. We do offer pack walks during our "lunch time walk" option. Please see our Hours and Rates section under the "dog walking" tab for more detail

When could they be "working" (when are our walkers available)?

  • Monday - Friday ---- 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

What about weekends or evenings?

  • We do not typically walk on evenings or weekends due to the fact that most offices are closed and cannot accept a Puppy-gram! However we do run community projects over weekends and are always looking to branch out. Reach out and let us know if you need a weekend or evening walk and we will see what we can do, it never hurts to ask!

Do you do pet sitting?

  • We'd love to! Send us an email please and we can work out whether or not we have the availability. We are willing to take a pet into our home, or to come and stay in your home, depending on the times requested and what would be best for your pet. All pet sitting visits are arranged on a case by case basis and need to be coordinated through email so that we can customize the experience for you. We charge $40 per pet per night in our own home and a flat $50 per night in your home regardless of number of pets.

Do you do cat visits?

  • Absolutely! Please visit our Hours and Rates section under the "dog walking" tab for full information.