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Boston, MA


Professional pet services company offering dog walking, pet sitting, dog training, puppy training, & puppygrams in the Boston MA area


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Boston Terrier

Hi, my name is Baxter but my mom calls me Peeps because I have giant peepers. I really enjoy bacon and cheddar filled bones and fried eggs for breakfast. If we were to spoon I would most definitely be the little spoon and I love sleeping under the covers curled up under your armpit. PS I don’t think you should ever wash your feet – smellier the better. Please don’t be offended if I lick your toes!

Jack & Jill


Jill: This 5 and a half year old female Pomeranian is the quintessential lap dog. She loves being loved and adorned with attention – either with playful rubs behind her ear or just sitting in your lap all afternoon long.

Jack: This 6 year old male Pomeranian is as sneaky and playful as he is cautious. He loves treats and will do anything to earn one of his coveted greenies. While his trust takes a bit to earn, his loyalty is well worth the effort.


Brindle Boston Terrier

Riley loves people as well as getting into mischief from time to time. If you give him a cookie you are his friend for life. He loves to play and loves to sleep even more, he's a major cuddle bug. He is currently keeping Nylobone brand in business as he loves to chew his bones.



Hi! I’m Abigail! (But everyone calls me Abbey.) My human named me that because it means joy, and that’s exactly what I am! I am always VERY excited to meet new people, and I try to be best friends with anyone who has food (but I’ll love you even if you don’t have food). I still have my puppy coat, so I’m super soft – and everyone loves to pet me, which his excellent because I LOVE to be petted. And I’ll let anyone give me a belly rub. My human buys me lots of toys to play with, but my favorite thing to do is chase leaves that are blowing in the wind outside and find sticks to carry when she takes me on walks. I can’t wait to meet you! (If I jump on you, I’m sorry – I’m still working on my manners!)


Chihuahua blend

Hi! My name is Gizmo but my mom calls me lumpy (I’m a little chubby). I may be tiny but I’m packed with snuggles and I’d love to share them with you!! My favorite thing in the whole world is my stuffed rabbit and I also will eat just about anything!



Springer Spaniel

Minnie is almost 4. English Springer Spaniel so she has energy, but she is very submissive. Could stand to lose a few pounds like her owner. Her favorite toy is anything that squeaks. She is really intelligent and very loving. She is the world’s worst watch dog as she wants everyone to play with her.

IMG_3709 (3).JPG


Siberian Husky/Jack Russell Terrier

Matty is red and white in color. He loves people and loves to give lots of kisses. He's not a mischievous as his brother Riley, more of a people pleaser. He just wants to be loved and have his butt scratched. He's also a cuddler and and a Snuggler.