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Boston, MA


Professional pet services company offering dog walking, pet sitting, dog training, puppy training, & puppygrams in the Boston MA area

Puppygram terms & conditions

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Terms & Conditions

From Puppies with Love is not responsible for damages incurred to property or participants during a puppygram visit. 

From Puppies with Love reserves the right to terminate a puppygram visit if, at any time during the experience, the dog involved seems frightened, stressed, or uncomfortable, as a means of protecting everyone involved and ensuring a positive experience with any of our registered pets. In the event that this preventative measure is taken, there will be no reimbursement of the puppygram rate; at the handler's discretion, a replacement visit may be offered. 

From Puppies with Love reserves the right to use any and all photos and videos, taken during the regular course of business, for our social media and promotional materials. If a participant submits a written request to be left out of these materials, every reasonable action will be taken to ensure that said person's face and any distinguishing features are not present in any of our materials.

From Puppies with Love agrees to arrive at all puppygram appointments within a 10 minute window either before or after the designated time. This time window will be communicated to recipients and their handler will text the approximate time of arrival to the recipient. This window is built into our scheduling to ensure that our dogs always have ample time to use the restroom and be calm and relaxed before the visit. 

From Puppies with Love agrees that all puppygram time increments will begin once the Handler and dog has been acknowledged and greeted by someone rather than upon the handler and dog reaching the physical address.