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Boston, MA


Professional pet services company offering dog walking, pet sitting, dog training, puppy training, & puppygrams in the Boston MA area


About Us

From Puppies with Love

What are we about? 

Well, it's no secret that our society focuses on the negative and difficult things that happen each day, and while we don't mean to imply that puppy kisses will fix those things, we are a group of people who are working to tip the scale of day to day experiences towards the positive. That's really the heart and soul of the business and all of the people who are working to bring it together. We want to find a way to let people experience a moment of true, silly, and goofy love, sent to them from a friend or loved one.

Born out of that desire came the idea for From Puppies with Love, a company that provides puppy-grams for people in the Boston metro city area! Our service connects people to people who love them. Send the person who's important to you a 15 minute visit with a dog at their office or dorm; much in the way that people send flowers or candy except without the calories or pollen. It’s a very tangible way to let someone, either far away or near, know that you care. We'll create an experience for them that they'll remember for years to come.